BrainCo STEM Kit Getting Started

Getting Started with the BrainCo STEM Kit

Understanding your Hardware

You and your students are ready to build right out of the box. No sorting or additional work required! Please see our Assembly Instructions below if you would like to build the hand straight away. Guided assembly with specific learning goals are also part of the STEM Kit curriculum seen here Curriculum Page.

Understanding Your Programming Environment

Block-Based Coding Platform

The BrainCo STEM Hand utilizes mBlock, a Scratch 3.0 enhanced block based programming platform. mBlock can connect to the STEM Hand directly through your web browser. mBlock can be accessed through the link below. Please use the below Setup Guide to connect your STEM Kit to mBlock. mBlock Webpage

Understanding Your Curriculum

Biotech and Biomedical Exploration Icon
Assembly Icon
Engineering Design Icon
Programming Icon
Life and Physical Sciences Icon

The BrainCo STEM Hand comes with curriculum arranged into 5 topic modules consisting of 45 to 60 minute long lessons. These lessons are arranged in the following categories: Project Based Assembly Biotech and Biomedical Exploration Engineering Design Life and Physical Science Introduction to Programming To find which modules and units best suit you, please visit our Curriculum Page.