BrainCo STEM Kit Getting Started

Getting Started with the BrainCo STEM Hand

You will have your STEM Hand up and moving in no time. Please review the following steps to get your product ready for class.

Understanding your Hardware

You and your students are ready to build right out of the box. No sorting or additional work required! Please see our Assembly Instructions if you would like to build the hand straight away. If you would like to learn the mechanical and electrical engineering concepts behind your build, please visit our Curriculum Page for in class assembly plans.

Understanding Your Programming Environment

Block-Based Coding Platform

The BrainCo STEM Hand utilizes mBlock, a Scratch 3.0 enhanced block based programming system created to give students an intuitive, simple to grasp programming language. Users can build code within mBlock to control the movement of the STEM Hand. Recommended Set Up: Web Browser mBlock can connect to the STEM Hand directly through your web browser in less than 30 seconds. This is recommended for any users with stable web connections and especially for those operating a large classroom of multiple computers. Visit the mBlock site to download the application

Understanding Your Curriculum

Biotech and Biomedical Exploration Icon
Assembly Icon
Engineering Design Icon
Programming Icon
Life and Physical Sciences Icon

The BrainCo STEM Hand comes with class modules designed to be used in a single 45-50 minute class setting. These modules are also combined into units to provide a systemic experience within a certain content area. The Project Guided Assembly unit guides students through the build process with lessons in mechanical and electrical engineering. The Biotech Industry Exploration unit introduces students to the world of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. Engineering Design takes students through the engineering design process to develop their own Biomedical creation. Life and Physical Sciences provide a series of different in class activities that align with different Lab Sciences. Introduction to Programming presents educators with a foundation in block based programming fundamental combined with project based learning activities. To find which modules and units best suit you, please visit our Curriculum Page.

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