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BrainCo brings cutting-edge EEG science, engineering, and algorithm development to address real-world challenges

Hands on STEM exercises


A complete STEM-based activity and robotic hand that teaches students concepts including programming, biomechanics, AI, engineering and more. Learn More


Brain-training exercises to achieve your optimal mental state for training, performance, recovery, and overall stress-management with neurofeedback-based activities. Jessica Lucero, 4x U.S. national champion and U.S. record holder in Olympic weightlifting, is a FocusFit user. Learn More

track your brain fitness performance with a powerful mobile app
FocusNow screenshots


FocusNow is an all-in-one focus, relaxation, and cognitive training platform that helps you better control your brain and improve your high-level cognitive functioning. Learn More

Focus SDK

Developer Kit
Bring engagement metrics, neuroscience, and EEG technology to your products and services with our easy-to-integrate SDK. Learn More


The FocusEDU platform enables schools to bring real-time engagement metrics as well as neurofeedback-based focus and relaxation training into their classrooms. Learn More

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