• FocusFIT

    Brainwave Training for Improved Athletic Performance, Optimal Recovery and Stress Management

Introducing FocusFit

FocusFIT is a complete pre- and post-workout system using our cutting-edge neurofeedback technology. FocusFIT is designed to help you perform at your best and help you recover faster.

Pre-Workout Focus Training

With FocusFit, you train your mind to achieve the highest level of focus through brain-controlled games that prime you for optimal performance.

Post-work out recovery

When you’re done with your workout, FocusFit helps you recover faster and more deeply through neurofeedback paired with guided meditation, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and cortisol levels after exercise.

BrainCo works with Olympians and other world-class athletes!

If you’re interested in bringing FocusFit to your gym, fitness center, organization, or team, contact our sales team.