• FocusEDU

    Enhancing Education Outcomes Through Real-Time Student Engagement Feedback in the Classroom

Real-time Tracking

FocusEDU provides teachers with feedback that is real-time in class, contextually relevant, and ongoing, enabling them to make sustained improvements in their skills. At the same time, students develop ownership of their learning experience. Students and parents can track learning improvements, while administrators can identify the most engaging activities and methods to quantify and spread best practices.

Focus Training

Through brain-controlled games students gain better control over their ability to both concentrate effectively in and outside of class. These games use the science of neurofeedback to promote better cognitive control.

Self-regulation and Relaxation Training

Students learn to proactively get into relaxed states and meditate via neurofeedback-based visualizations and exercises

We work closely with our FocusEDU education partners to provide them with solution that fits their needs. Whether you’re interested in SEL (Social Emotional Learning)-focused activities, teacher training, or ongoing engagement metrics, we can work with you to come up with a what best fits your situation. Click the link below to contact us.