BrainCo Train Your Brain

The simple way to lower your stress.

FocusCalm uses the power of neurofeedback to train your brain to lower your feelings of stress. With activities, games and guided exercises, FocusCalm can make you feel better overall in just 30 days.

Brain Training And Focus Help People Do Amazing Things

Reach Your Mind/Body Goals

Imagine what you can accomplish by lowering your stress and improving your focus and attention. BrainCo's wearable headband can help train your brain to settle your mind, improve your focus and achieve a higher level of performance at school, work and play.

Study More Effectively

Train your brain to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand. In a recent study, the technology in FocusCalm helped participants achieve 30% better grades on a quiz than those not receiving focus feedback.

Better Performance, Faster Recovery

Whether you're an elite athlete or weekend warrior, FocusCalm can teach you how to put your brain into "The Zone" at will, so you can reach your maximum potential.

Get More Done (With Less Stress)

Stress has been shown to dramatically reduce people's effectiveness at work. With the neurofeedback exercises and training in FocusCalm, you can learn how to better relax and focus to be more productive in your job.

Enhanced Mindfulness

FocusCalm uses proven neuroscience to train your cognitive processes. By providing targeted exercises to reach a relaxed yet focused mental state, so you will feel better and more able to get things done.


Integrate BrainCo's advanced focus technology into your curriculum

Focus Development Kit

Leverage BrainCo's advanced brainwave visualization technology into your next application


Discover amazing learning opportunities with BrainCo's prosthetic programming and control kit


“FocusFit has been an incredible tool to my training protocols, helping me unlock many new ways to quiet my mind and set focus on the task at hand. I am naturally a very self-reflective person and have tried many meditative techniques, but the live feedback that you get when using the FocusFit band is something that I have never seen before and am using to help me make more lifts.”
Jessica Lucero
4x USA Weightlifting National Champion
"In the time using the FocusFit band and protocols I have seen an undeniable increase in my cognitive alertness, ability to drown out anything that does not require my attention, and meditative state of mind. It’s interactive software maps out an individualized plan that gives you to both visual and empirical feedback to train your bodies most valuable organ, the brain."

Christian Lucero
Competitive athlete, weightlifter and trainer