Real-Time Brainwave Visualization

A world class team and groundbreaking EEG technology

Cutting-Edge Cognitive Science

BrainCo applies their world-class expertise in neuroscience, electroencephalogram (EEG) technology, and engineering to projects in education, cognitive development, fitness and wellness, and prosthetic development.

Who We Are

BrainCo was incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab and we develop neuroscience technology products including sensors, hardware, software.

What We Do

At BrainCo we apply our expertise in machine learning, design, and neuroscience to create innovative brain-based technology and applications. Our technology is being used in areas ranging from education to Olympic athletics.

Our Technology

BrainCo's proprietary, wireless EEG headband can detect brain activity and we can measure different brain states such as depth of focus, relaxation, and meditation, as well as a low-cost, high-dexterity prosthetic using proprietary EMG sensors combined with our technology.


BrainCo develops software platforms for use in education, cognitive training, fitness and wellness, and a robust SDK that can be integrated with virtually any project or software platform.

  • FocusEDU

    Enhancing Education Outcomes Through Real-Time Student Engagement Feedback in the Classroom
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  • FocusFIT

    Brainwave Training for Improved Athletic Performance, Optimal Recovery and Stress Management
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    Developer Kit
    Simple Neuroscience Integrations for Product Enhacement and R&D
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  • STEM Kit

    Robotics and Computer Science Kit Students Assemble and Program
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Pioneering Hardware and Software Platform

The Focus headband contains three (patented) hydro-gel electrodes that can accurately detect electrical brain signals at a resolution precision greater than 1 micro volt. We use utilizing machine and deep learning techniques, to classify brainwave patterns. Our proprietary algorithms helps users better understand their focus abilities, and our automated calibration process produces customized results for each individual.


Optimized, NASA-inspired algorithm and definitive engagement and meditation level scoring. Advanced signal processing and feature extraction techniques.


Proprietary, medical grade hydrogel electrodes for EEG signal detection. Proprietary EEG signal-detecting circuit board.


Systematic engagement-level data management platform. Engagement visualization and cognitive training activities. Neurofeedback-driven focus, meditation, and relaxation practices.


“FocusFit has been an incredible tool to my training protocols, helping me unlock many new ways to quiet my mind and set focus on the task at hand. I am naturally a very self-reflective person and have tried many meditative techniques, but the live feedback that you get when using the FocusFit band is something that I have never seen before and am using to help me make more lifts.”
Jessica Lucero
4x USA Weightlifting National Champion
"The team from BrainCo has opened eyes here at Catholic Memorial. Decisions about engaging material and effective strategies for instruction have traditionally been based on ‘gut feeling’ and intuition. With BrainCo’s technology, we are now able to gather quantifiable information about student engagement so that we can track student experience and adjust how we deliver content."
Brian Palm
Science Department Chair & Director of Operations
"In the time using the FocusFit band and protocols I have seen an undeniable increase in my cognitive alertness, ability to drown out anything that does not require my attention, and meditative state of mind. It’s interactive software maps out an individualized plan that gives you to both visual and empirical feedback to train your bodies most valuable organ, the brain."

Christan Lucero
Competitive athlete, weightlifter and trainer